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February 1st - 3rd, 2024

All About Grandview Invitational

Ready yourself for the spectacular display of unrivaled performances at the Grandview Invitational, where our remarkable assembly of talent promises to captivate and enthral. Revel in the pulsating rhythm of majestic horses, perfectly synced to the powerful undertones of evocative music. The Grandview Invitational guarantees a performance that will etch an indelible memory, leaving you yearning for the next exciting installment.

Close up of Clydesdale

The Grandview Experience

The Grandview Invitational isn't just another event on your calendar; it's an exciting journey packed with hands-on fun, plenty of photo ops, behind-the-scenes peeks, and a medley of top-notch entertainment. Get ready for a captivating, uplifting, and magical time that will stay with you long after the day's done. Come join us at the Grandview Invitational and let's make memories that will last a lifetime, together.

Immersive Grandview Behind-the-scenes Barn Experiences

At the Grandview Invitational, immerse yourself in a landscape of captivating experiences, from interactive engagements with 2000-pound horses—perfect for both enthusiasts and newcomers—to opportunities to capture a lifetime of memories against stunning equestrian backdrops. Be it striking a pose with top-notch athletes, immortalizing dynamic performances, or embracing the spirited ambiance, every snapshot is a chapter in your Invitational story. Further enrich your adventure with our exclusive behind-the-scenes access, unraveling the exciting backstage hustle that prepares these majestic creatures for competition—an intimate peek into the heart of the equine world.

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Explore the Vibrant Vendor Village

A Marketplace of Diversity and Connection at Grandview Invitational

The Grandview Invitational's Vendor Village provides an added dimension of enjoyment to the event, offering a dynamic marketplace that supports local and diverse businesses. Envision a bustling community of vibrant displays, overflowing with an array of unique products and services that range from fashion and art to wellness and tech. This bustling hub is more than just a shopping opportunity; it's a platform for engagement, allowing guests to personally connect with creators and entrepreneurs, understand their stories, and customize their shopping experience. With the Vendor Village, attendees not only indulge in shopping but also contribute to local economic sustainability and foster a sense of community.

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Pulse Equine Booth at Grandview Invitational
Jewelry for sale at Grandview Invitational

Culinary delights meet competitive excitement at the Grandview Invitational

Culinary Excitement

Brace yourselves, event-goers! Our upcoming event is set to impress, not just with exhilarating competitions and entertainment, but also with a plethora of tempting food truck options right within the competition arena.

Diverse Offerings

We've thoughtfully brought together a diverse lineup of food trucks, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for everyone, regardless of whether you're in the mood for a hearty meal or a quick nibble.

Toast & Taste

Don't forget to swing by our cash bar. Offering a broad range of refreshing beers and wines, it's the perfect place to unwind, socialize, and savor the event. Cheers to making memories!

Your Guide to Grandview Invitational Entry Process

Upon arrival at the Florida Horse Park via the 475A entrance, you'll notice lanes for both pre-purchased ticket holders and on-the-day ticket buyers. If you've opted to secure your ticket in advance, simply present your digital or printed ticket to the gate attendant for barcode scanning. Once verified, you'll be issued with a wristband and, if bought in advance, a parking pass. Those choosing to purchase tickets at the gate should note that costs will be slightly higher and the process might take a tad longer, but rest assured, our team will have you through the gate and ready to enjoy the Grandview Invitational as swiftly as possible.

Parking Options

  • General Parking

    Offering the most economical option with the furthest proximity from the event, yet free with admission.
  • High Spendor Parking

    The closest available parking for the general public, designed for your convenience.
  • VIP Parking

    An exclusive feature for our valued sponsors, adding an extra layer of luxury to your experience.
  • Handicapped Parking

    Readily available for individuals with valid placards, ensuring accessibility for all guests.

Meet the Passionate Organizers Behind the Scenes

Karen and Shannon Cobbs are more than just passionate about Clydesdales; they’re committed to keeping the tradition alive and in high spirits. The Cobbs family legacy with the majestic Clydesdales dates back generations, a passion that began with Shannon & Karen’s families.

When the couple relocated to Ocala, Florida over a decade ago, the heart for Clydesdales came with them. Today, they continue to breed, show and promote these amazing animals.

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Grandview Clydesdales

Immersed in a Life with Clydesdales

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The couple’s dedication to the Clydesdales breed earned them a proud place in the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA Hall of Fame in 2016. They nurture and raise these magnificent horses on their farm located between Ocala and Dunnellon Florida. With three stalwart stallions, a dozen nurturing broodmares and their progeny, as well as show horses, the Cobbs farm is a hub of equestrian activity offering guided tours three days a week.

The farm isn’t only about breeding; it’s a knowledge center, hosting numerous educational draft clinics each year, and even offering private driving lessons. Besides their equine pursuits, the Cobbs are also hay farmers, cultivating alfalfa and timothy to sustain their sizable herd and supplying numerous private farms and feed stores in Florida. “Feeding these gentle giants, whose weights range between 1,600-2,200 pounds, demands a steady hay supply.

Despite their imposing size, Clydesdales are remarkably gentle. “They’re truly gentle giants with fantastic temperaments. Laid back, full of personality, and a delight to train,”Karen says”.

Experience the Majesty of an Elite All-Breed Draft Horse Hitch Show

The Grandview Invitational is not merely an event; it's an experience. Describing the atmosphere within the show ring of such a prestigious gathering is not easy. Picture this: up to 100 one-ton horses, sharing the ring with 15 world-class hitch wagons, expertly maneuvered by some of the best drivers in the world. It's a spectacle of organized chaos, a marvel to behold.

As the horses trot in unison, their pure power and coordinated precision make this equine venture one of the most crowd-pleasing horse events on the globe. Imagine up to 36 of these one-ton draft horses working together in the show ring at the same time, moving in harmony to handpicked music for each class. The spectacle, the excitement, and the grandeur are indescribable. You have to see it to believe it.

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