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February 1st - 3rd, 2024


Sponsoring the Grandview Invitational puts your brand in the spotlight, associating it with one of the world's top draft horse farms and Florida's largest equine attendee event. Enjoy year-round exposure via farm tours and social media posts, all while supporting the local community and aligning with an organization featured in numerous prestigious publications.

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Amplify Your Brand at Grandview Invitational

Unleash Unprecedented Exposure in the Heart of the Equine World

As a sponsor at the Grandview Invitational, your company's logo would take a central position on the back of a wagon during the event, and your signs would be displayed prominently around the arena. Further exposure includes driving your company car through the arena during intermission and setting up an interactive booth in the Barn area for direct engagement with the public.

additional benefits

Extra Perks of Sponsorship: A Triple Treat

Community Support in HCOTW

By sponsoring the Grandview Invitational, your company becomes a pillar of support in the 'Horse Capital of the World,' demonstrating your brand's commitment to nurturing and celebrating the vibrant equine culture.

Networking Opportunities Await

Embrace the opportunity to mingle with other esteemed sponsors, elite horse breeders, and influential figures within the equine industry, providing an invaluable networking platform to forge new relationships and expand your brand's reach.

Awards Presentations

You'll have the distinct privilege of presenting awards to the triumphant competitors, placing your brand at the center of these pivotal, joyous moments.

Year-Round Exposure with Grandview Clydesdales Farm

As a sponsor of the Grandview Invitational, your brand isn’t confined to fleeting visibility during the event itself; it gains year-round exposure, enhancing your brand recognition extensively. The Grandview Clydesdales Farm & Tours, a celebrated venue renowned for its global reach, hosts hundreds of international guests annually. These diverse visitors presents a unique opportunity for your company’s message to resonate with a broad, global audience. Your brand would gain prominence in a setting that has been featured in high-profile media outlets such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Cowboy Channel, and Florida Country, among others.

In addition to the exposure your company logo receives, stationed in the barn for all tour guests to see throughout the year, we also offer a tangible connection for guests to your brand. Each guest is provided a take-home packet brimming with your marketing material, including brochures, posters, and coupons. This not only leaves a lasting impression but also encourages potential direct engagement with your products or services. Ultimately, your sponsorship would be a strategic investment in consistent, quality exposure and potential customer engagement that extends far beyond the duration of the Grandview Invitational.

Sponsor Testimonials

Hear from Our Partners: Testimonials from Previous Sponsors of the Grandview Invitational.

"Partnering with Grandview Invitational has been transformative for my business. It helped me secure a major corporate account and offered credibility to my company, Squeak Media, with website references in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. Grandview's success has indeed become a significant building block in my portfolio."